Do you want to promote your brand and don’t know how to advertise?

Every business should have realized by now how important it is to know how to advertise, yet many still see it as an unnecessary accessory cost. Investing in advertising nowadays is not an option, but a necessity!

Advertising serves to cure the way in which the company is perceived by the public. Although it may appear to be something very random and impalpable, the corporate image is a factor of strategic importance and constitutes a real capital to be preserved and increased.

Indeed, advertising is often one of the most important discriminating factors that guide the user in choosing the products to buy: a consumer with a good opinion of a brand will in fact be more inclined to prefer it to competitors less known or perceived as less reliable.

Nothing more wrong.

It is important for a brand to make its products and identity known, managing to distinguish itself from competitors. This allows you to create, over time, a relatively stable flow of customers, which consolidates its brand loyalty.

First think about your brand

The purchasing process: It is important to understand how the customer arrives at our product; therefore, it is necessary to analyze the process it takes to get to the purchase. The question to ask is: How did you find our product?

On the Internet? By word of mouth?

Uniqueness of the brand: Here by unique we do not only mean that the brand, in order to remain in the mind of the consumer, must distinguish itself from the other proposals. However, it also has peculiar characteristics, capable of capturing the attention of the potential customer.

Then think about what you want to communicate

Propose yourself as a solution: Discounts and low prices can be effective techniques to catch customers, but unfortunately only in the short term. If you want to maintain a stable clientele over time, you need to identify what your needs are. At this point, our goal as a brand is to represent the solution to these needs.

Loyalty: The loyalty process is a job that requires time, constancy and above all brand coherence. The image that the brand gives of itself must respect the values and work of the company. Only in this way does it transmit safety and reliability to the customer, who over time will look for these elements.

Finally … how to advertise

Web presence: Nowadays, sales processes take place more and more on online platforms. It is for this reason that our brand must guarantee its presence on the web. When I talk about the web, I mean at least the online retail price. The presence on social media is undoubtedly among the most effective. Allows you to reach a huge number of users. In doing so, the brand’s reputation will not remain limited to the local reality of the store. But it will allow you to expand your market by reaching, who knows, maybe overseas!

Find allies close to you: Each business logically follows its own sales interest. However, this does not preclude the possibility of collaborations between shops, which are convenient for both parties. For example, I’m talking about the possibility of creating promotions between multiple businesses, making your business known to customers of other stores, and vice versa.


Well, now you should have understood a little bit how to advertise! What are you waiting for? Advertising is not only a way to sell products, but also an excellent way to take care of the perception of your brand among the public. It can therefore be included in all those image renewal and rebranding operations useful to ensure that the company remains in step with the times.

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