How to post a video on Instagram?

video on Instagram

The social network Instagram is one of the most downloaded and used applications worldwide. Its use is fundamental in the current era and as a means of dissemination for social, political, cultural, sports, and commercial campaigns, which receives thousands of users per day. From anywhere in the world, be it videos, videos, or stories, the app that began as a small project for young people ended up being one of the biggest successes of social networks, which was later bought by the social media mogul, Mark Zuckerberg, the current owner of Facebook and WhatsApp.

How to post a video on Instagram?

The Instagram application makes available the best tools to edit and issue our publications, upload videography with the simple inclusion of filters, cuts, color adjustments, the location where it was taken, tag users who appear in the video, among others things.

  • The process to publish videos is always the same. Practically and simply, we will teach you how to do it and all the adjacent tools you can take advantage of.
  • To be able to upload videos that you have previously recorded, you have to consider several aspects before uploading them:
  • The weight of the video, since the Instagram platform only allows the upload of videos smaller than approximately 20MB.
  • The duration of the video should be 1-minute maximum.

Reduce the weight and duration of the video

There are several options on the internet. For example, some pages allow us to compress the video to reduce its total weight and, at the same time, select the 60 seconds that we want to publish on Instagram. One of these pages is Video Online – Convert. This website gives you the option to select the format to which you want to export as well as the duration, you cannot exceed the minute allowed, but if what you think is to transmit a complete event, you can upload it as a live story, which allows up to more than an hour of recording.

Upload a video to Instagram

Once we have our video with the appropriate duration and weight, we can upload it to our Instagram profile. The way to perform this action is the same as uploading videos by clicking on the + symbol, selecting the video you want, and editing it to offer the best possible appearance.

Or you can upload a video to stories, which will last 24 hours visible to your followers and then disappear, a scheme similar to Snapchat, which has gained many followers, sharing images and videos of up to 15 seconds with filters and special effects that They are very simple to use, which are presented at the bottom in the section of your history.

How to upload longer videos to Instagram?

They say that there are no limits for human beings, and well we always find ways to weaken the system, Instagram is no exception, so I will show you two ways to upload long videos to your account.

The key is Instagram Stories, in which you can only post videos of up to 15 seconds. Still, some apps help you upload a long video, cut into short 15-second videos in which the sequence of what you are showing is not lost, in addition to being able to organize the output format to put panoramic images more easily.

Story Cutter (available for free only for Android): This option allows you to shorten your videos to any length and not just 15-second clips. However, it takes a bit longer than the iOS app.

Story Splitter (available free for iOS only): Split your long videos into multiple 15-second clips, so you don’t lose continuity. This free app has a PRO version for $ 1 that will allow you to expand the available options and upload excellent videos to your story.

Another way is by sharing a live story

If what you want is to share something that is happening at the moment, it is best to make a live recording instead of recording it and uploading the video later, do not miss the moment, and do that the others either, to be connected in all the time with your followers and the activities that you or your company carry out, thus gaining more and more views, the great advantage of uploading live videos is that it allows you to upload up to 1 hour of content in a single recording, so avoids the task of downloading third-party applications to upload a long video.

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