The importance of graphic design in digital marketing

importance of graphic design in digital marketing

Very often, not only customers but also many operators in the sector do not realize how important a correct graphic design is in digital marketing. Today, every product or service promoted online must immediately attract the user’s attention and to do so it needs a well-studied image.

We can consider graphic design as the most pervasive art of today and thanks to this peculiarity, it has given a new meaning and a new approach to the way of doing online marketing. With minimal and simplified design bases, this tool adds a contemporary touch to a company’s advertising profile. In today’s digital landscape, the attention span of the average web user is now shorter than ever, even shorter than that of a goldfish, which has an attention span of 9 seconds; in fact, humans can maintain the concentration only for 6.8 seconds. This means that you have a maximum of 7 seconds to catch your audience’s attention.

So, to stay on the subject, let’s dive into the concept of Graphic Design and let’s understand something more.

What is graphic design?

It is an art with a purpose. It involves a creative but systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain goals, with the use of images, symbols and words. It is a sort of visual communication and the artistic expression of concepts and ideas that use various graphic elements and tools. By applying visual hierarchy and layout techniques, graphic designers use typography and images to meet specific user needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements to optimize the user experience.

What is the role of graphic design in digital marketing?

To understand it, I’ll give you a simple example.

You will surely have gone to YouTube more than once and surely you will have watched videos with a captivating preview that has attracted your attention, regardless of the quality of the content. This means that previews play an important role for you in choosing which video you want to play. The same goes for digital marketing. Nowadays digital marketing is the best tool to promote your company, product or service. If done intelligently, you can reach the right goal at the lowest cost. All you need is an eye-catching banner, title and proposal.

Why is graphics design so important in digital marketing?

Improve sales and increase customer confidence

Carefully crafted design elements can help increase sales. People are attracted to anything that is unique and well made. From design, they perceive the quality of a company, unconsciously receive a message that leads them to appreciate the company itself, and therefore to better evaluate its products or services.

The eyes can hear what the ears cannot read

Saying “An image is worth a thousand words” is not a cliché but a fact. Take the Apple logo for example. What do you see on the back of each Apple product: MacBook, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, etc.? Only the Apple logo: an apple! You don’t see a mission statement or vision, not even a slogan. The same goes for SAMSUNG, Nike, Audi, Mercedes and many others, they are logos but with a modern and distinctive design.

About the modernity of the logo I want to point out a small thing: each of the companies that I mentioned here to you are largest companies in the world. Over the years, they have changed their logo, practically none has kept the original logo, and all of them have adapted it from time to time to conform to the “fashion” of the moment. So, take a look at your logo and after having it compared with that of the most avant-garde companies in communication, give it a good refresh.

Help convey the message of your brand

Very often, it happens that words fail to convey and communicate what you want. In these moments, images can play a key role in conveying the message in a creative way. For example with a good graphic design, you can communicate your offers in the form of reports, graphs and illustrations.

Good graphics design is the main support in your marketing activity and it is a fundamental element to achieve your goals.

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