Four tips for good content marketing

content marketing

If you are a business decision maker, you are probably among 80% of those who prefer to find information in an article rather than an advertisement.

And share this attitude with consumers who want to be informed, who are proactive when looking for a product and it is also the main reason why you should be interested in content marketing in your position.

Content marketing is made up of many things, including blogs, eBooks, webinars, newsletters, social media posts, case studies. The mere idea of taking every single element in hand to develop it only creates confusion, without achieving any goal.

Unfortunately, in many companies, many different strategies are being scrambled, thinking that success and success can be achieved, without having any notion of what is being done.

The solution is to create an editorial plan before even tweeting left and right or filling the Facebook page with meaningless posts.

1) Working with content

Producing good content is not as easy as it seems.

The point is that you cannot delegate this job to an intern, but not even to those who think that the world is stuck with articles filled with keywords, in the hope that only this fact will produce results. It is necessary to write well, to understand that we speak to human readers (bots don’t buy anything …).

You need to know the history of the company, understand the public and be able to do this job. And in any case, rather than executives who speak only of themselves, better than freelancers who know how to organize and manage an editorial calendar.

2) Tell a story

The advice is to carefully check every piece you write, and it should be built according to the logic. Re-read and memorize the point the point 4 of the post:  Once upon a time … Every day …. At a certain point …. Because of this … Later … Finally …

In a content marketing strategy for a B2B it is essential to keep a constant thread in your stories.

What is behind your messages?

Is your business story a family story, a story of growth, a story of loyalty and faithfulness to principles?

Put your team together and decide your main themes and how to connect them together. Put together an editorial plan and a calendar, if you want to be ahead of your competition.

3) Choose your tone of voice

It is useless to use a long series of adjectives to say that the products are desirable. It is much better to use a consistent voice and real-world images to show how products or services solve problems and have specific usefulness. We all know the difference between writing a personal email and a “commercial” email.

Content requires the same range of tones and colors in being described. The data sheets will have a language based on facts and precision. Status updates will be more questioning, without forgetting the right sense of humor.

It is always necessary to ask whether the information that is offered coincides with the behavioral and transactional data of the prospects to whom they refer. A good CRM tool should help you understand purchase signals, social interactions and all the elements that help create content for various audiences.

4) Experiment and test

If when you read these tips they seem like a great theory, but they don’t fit in with your customer base at all, you may also be right. Maybe your customers like to read ten paragraphs and very long data sheets, they are not interested in any free download, nor the story of other experiences.

The only concrete truth is that there is no single approach for effective content and each type of offer must be tested with your unique demographics, those of your customers. Testing is difficult but companies that try have a better chance of succeeding.

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