How Create A Brand Name That Sells

How Create A Brand Name

The name of a company is of paramount importance in terms of impact and sales capacity. It constitutes an element of first contact, memorization and credibility.

In addition to giving an identity and establishing an existence, the name or brand is a capital of the company, in the sense that reputation is largely based on identification and serves to establish an association between the offer and its source.

1 – A brand name always sends a message

Some have forgotten this point and name their company or product as if they wanted to perform a simple administrative task. The name you introduce yourself with is of paramount importance, if only the name is the first contact that establishes much of what follows.

Take the time to find your name, based on at least one of the following steps …

  • A name indicating the promise you intend to keep
  • A name that positively reflects your business or product
  • A name that is aesthetic (for your target)
  • A name that is easily memorized

2 – Do not create the fences

If it is a matter of naming a product, it is known that it can be linked to fashion or technology and therefore it could also age, but it could also be a product that has an established life cycle. In the case of a company, joining a technology or a fashion may not be the most appropriate choice.

Not only because technology and fashion pass, but because in fact the development and growth of the company is blocked, connoting it too evidently to things that are constantly changing.

So pay attention to two important things …

  • The future development of your business could also go in different directions and the chosen name could be restrictive for future developments.
  • The name could become obsolete due to technological development and changing cultural context.

3 – Pay attention to acronyms

The acronym is a name formed with the initial or final letters or syllables of certain words of a sentence or definition, legible as if they were a single word.

The network knows a lot of acronyms …

How to choose an acronym?

  • Look for an acronym that is easily remembered and that also conveys a message
  • Use the meaning of the acronym to make further communication, also to gratify those who can explain to others what it means.
  • If you think about international markets, choose very simple and easy to pronounce words in the target languages.

It is true that the acronyms belong to another era.

But since we live in a cyclical world, it could also happen to be a precursor. It is a risk that is sometimes worth taking …

4 – Importance of your logo

The logo is an important piece of the products with which you present yourself to your audience. It is not a choice to be made only by indulging your taste, but also based on what your audience can consider credible with respect to your product and your company.

Think about the advantage in impact and originality, avoiding excessive symbolism.

Pay attention to …

  • The usability of your logo.
  • Colors and color combinations
  • Characters also experience a time effect. Think at least in the medium term, not to find yourself with something very current today and old tomorrow morning.
  • Clarity and pronunciation of a word or phrase without difficulty. Avoid difficult-to-pronounce letter associations.
  • The sound suggests a musicality. This musicality can be rhythmic and the result suggests a feeling.

5 – Choose a name, a logo, a brand after checking availability

Checking the availability of a name is not just to make sure that the exact name you want to use is free, but also to look for the assonant and neighboring names, because it is about establishing any similarity links with other brands previously filed or used. The research should be extended at least to the countries consulting the services of the Office for the registration of trademarks, designs and models.

On the Internet …

  • Search for name availability
  • Check availability for as many TLDs as possible
  • Thanks to the availability of many TLDs, find the most suitable combination for your name.


The brand name is a fundamental element of the business model. Sometimes it only serves to facilitate the penetration of the product in its market. Sometimes it will be the determining factor in the success of the product or company because it will be the concept that evokes an imaginary world that the public attributes to your offer and that even surpasses what the public knows.

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