7 Fundamental Tips For Creating Your Company Website

Tips For Creating Your Company Website

Have you decided to create the new website for your company? Do you want to refresh the old site because it is not as beautiful and attractive as that of your competitors? Decide immediately with what keyword you want to be found and choose the photos carefully, they will convey the essence of your company.

Arranging or choosing to create your company’s website is an important decision. It is important to immediately understand the budget we want to spend, the time we can invest in updating, and the features it must have and who we want to find us. Before proceeding, it is good to do an analysis of the sector in which we operate, of our competitors and understand what we can and want to offer. In fact, for each sector there are different criteria to follow, so here we have 7 fundamental tips for creating your company website …

1. Content matters

To attract potential customers it is necessary to create content, you will have to say who you are, what you do, explain your company, your history, your products, services, your thoughts, your passion for what you do. But all this is not enough! You will ask yourself, How? All this text is not enough? No, that’s not enough, in fact you will also have to create additional content. You will ask yourself: “And what kind of content can I create besides the ones already inserted?” The answer is articles. In fact, the articles will allow you to give the user extra content, advice and news that can be managed through a blog within your site and which, in addition to keeping the interest on you alive, will allow you to create SEO oriented content, that is, designed for indexing within search engines.

2. Correctly choose titles and keywords

Google and all search engines use algorithms that allow to privilege the sites that are more coherent and exhaustive in answering the question or need that the user asks.

First find out what your user is looking for. To do this you can use free or paid tools that will allow you to know what your users are talking about and draw attention to their interests through keywords.

Be specific, too general keywords will not allow you to emerge in the infinite sea of the web, so focus on a specific aspect and you will get more results.

3. Clear structure

The structure of your site must be simple, clear and intuitive, the user must be able to immediately understand where to find what, otherwise user will move on to the next site and you will have lost a possible customer. Particular attention goes to the contact section. The e-mail, telephone number and your address must be easily accessible and facilitate mobile users through direct links.

4. Professional photos

Photos have great power, especially when people don’t know you, and don’t know how you are, how you work or can’t touch and see your products live. We therefore advise you to rely on professional photographers to create the photo shoot for your company. A true photographer will be able to grasp the essence of you and your products and pass it on to the user / customer. Alternatively, you can choose shots that represent you among the various royalty free stock images sites online. Also remember to save them with an appropriate name, as the name of the photos will help in indexing the site.

5. Speed

In a busy world, where questions need to have immediate answers, it is essential that your site is fast and usable, therefore pay attention in the choice of hosting, optimize images by saving them in the right size and with the right weight, and avoid scripts or animations that can slow down your site.

6. Monitoring

Inserting an access counter within the site, or similar programs, for example Google Analytics, will allow you to monitor the potential and limitations of your site, obtain information on the behavior of your visitors and exploit them to improve and make your site ever closer to user preferences.

7. Chat online

Today it is possible to give support and assistance in real time to the visitors of your site! … How? Through online chat.

With a simple click, users can contact your operator and get comprehensive answers in an immediate way, to provide all the information on the services you offer, the characteristics of your products, and avoid not finding the answers within the site they turn to your competitor.

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