5 Kratom Companies With Best Website Designs

Perhaps you’re planning on starting your own online kratom business/store or want to launch an informative blog that talks about all-things-kratom. Chances are, you’re looking for inspiration in terms of what kind of website design to stick with.

Well, one thing you can do is – check out the industry leaders and see what kind of design they’ve picked. This should give you plenty of insight into what has successfully worked so far in the industry.

With that said, we decided to analyze and pick the 5 best kratom companies that have the most awe-inspiring designs. These sites have done an amazing job in terms of pushing the boundaries across the board.

Be it aesthetics, interactivity, sound design, user interaction, navigation, ease of usage, or the overall value that the site provides; one each is a true masterpiece that truly stands out. These websites make you want to stick around for more.

Here are 5 web designs that are sure to inspire you…

Kratom Crazy

Take a minimal, aesthetically appealing design and slam that together with nicely displayed products that don’t just pop but steal attention. What would you get? Well, you get kratom crazy maeng da! The site has done an excellent job not only in terms of an enticing product display but also supplying the users with the right information at the right place.

This one-page site leaves nothing to guesswork. Kratom crazy is high on interactivity, easy on the eyes, and effortless in terms of navigation. Basically everything you need for a compelling and promising site with a clean layout. This design might inspire you if you want to start an e-store that sells kratom products.

Kraken Kratom

This website perfectly exemplifies how you can have multiple options and resources on the website in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the user or leave them feeling confused. Some of the highlighting features of the website are the colors that pop, iconography, and the right mix of interesting fonts. All of the elements have come together to create a design that steals attention.

Jumping from one section to another is effortless and intuitive without demanding much on the part of the user; something every site-owner should strive for.


This is easily the best pick for someone who wants to jump into the blogosphere focusing purely on the informational style blogs. One quick look at the site will tell you why it makes sense to stick with this kind of design for a blog or a news-style platform.

Kratom.com is not just a purely informational site. It is also a kratom store. So, if you want to throw that into the mix, try sticking with this kind of website design. This is again, another perfect example of a site that displays a LOT of information without overwhelming the user.

Kratom Spot

This is a clear winner if you talk about an e-commerce styled kratom website. It has a color scheme going on that’s both neutral, conservative, yet not at all boring. In fact, the site has done an amazing job picking up brightly and rightly sized images to go with each displayed product. In fact, the colors are so interesting, you might want to purchase the product solely based on the pictures displayed on the site.

Different options are color-coordinated with each option such as ‘Phone Support’ and ‘Free Shipping’, easily distinguishable from one another. The sizing and styling of the fonts go nicely with all the other elements and in fact elevates their beauty.

In line with the whole minimal, one-page site; this one has all the options at just the right place. Nothing is too bright or too small or too big.

Kratom Science

This is yet another blog/news style site that wins in this domain. There’s a lot going on, on the website yet at no point do you feel confused about where to land and which parts to ignore based on what you’re looking for. As you can see, this is an intensely informational site covering a variety of topics across the board.

If this is the kind of information you want to present, this European Kratom website should inspire you about how you can display a LOT of information in an interesting and user-friendly manner that encourages reading.

In Conclusion

In the end, it all boils down to your vision, business needs, what kind of style you want to stick with, and overall needs. There’s no right or wrong website style. It’s all about what works FOR you.

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