15 Tips to Succeed and Succeed in Social Media and Networks

Succeed in Social Media and Networks

Social media has changed from the way you shop, find a partner, or do business, something that could not be imagined seven years ago when Facebook was born or four years ago when Twitter was born. These changes have also been seen in the world of marketing and now absolutely everything is social and interactive.

The use of social media in the business environment saves costs in addition to generating a dialogue with consumers, which enables products and services to be adapted to user tastes and improves customer service in a faster and easier way.

There are no perfect recipes for success on social media, but there are tips for using them within your marketing strategy.

  1. Carry out research

If it is not clear what types of social media exist and how they can be used, it is better to carry out studies to know them better than to include them in any plan.

  1. Set Goals

It is not advisable to just dive into social media, you need to make a plan to measure success and tailor your social media marketing appropriately.

  1. Evaluate the target market and use the appropriate social media for the audience.

For example, if the company is dedicated to consumer products, Facebook could be the best platform, but if, instead, it is a financial company, perhaps Twitter would be more suitable.

  1. Always behave correctly

Everything that is said and done online is recorded so you always have to think before writing.

  1. Treat interesting topics

If what is told is boring, no one will be interested in following the company, so it is important to keep social media accounts up to date and tweet interesting topics so that followers continue to be so.

  1. Do not use social media as a business brochure

Social media is a meeting point for two-way conversation and should not be used as space where only company news is discussed. Instead, you have to communicate and interact.

  1. Interrelate all the tools

Integrate the blog within the web and use it as an effective marketing tool.

  1. Don’t be negative

Never criticize other businesses or people through social media. It will turn against the company.

  1. Carry out a correct SEO strategy

When choosing a user, SEO or SMO must be taken into account.

  1. Take into account tools

Tools like Hootsuite.com or Twitterfeed.com make life easier by connecting, for example, the blog with Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  1. Personalize

Personalize the profiles of the pages adapting it to the image of the company. Also, put a face to the company, consumers prefer to follow people instead of logos.

  1. Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date on social media news and new ones emerging.

  1. Quality and not quantity

Be visible in just two social media without spamming with tweets or updates at all times as it will cause rejection by the followers.

  1. Maintain control of privacy

Make sure that the privacy settings are correct for which they will be continuously checked.

  1. Check the legal aspects

Some social media do not allow contests… without prior consent so you have to take these aspects into account before doing any type of action.

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